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Crystal Caverns

Date Published

March 2024


Fresno, CA

From The Crystalline Planet to the second book in the trilogy, Sam embarks on a quest that takes him from the secrets of Iloora to the depths of Earth's mysteries. Betrayal, manipulation, and the pursuit of ultimate power intertwine as Sam unravels the truth behind his father's involvement and the dangerous manipulation of powerful crystals. With the unwavering support of his childhood friend, Kaya, and the enigmatic Lawrence, Sam confronts the relentless pursuit of the PCO across continents.

As they journey through crystal caverns and ancient knowledge, Sam's connection to Iloora deepens, bringing memories of the beings he left behind. The Keepers of Time reveal the immense power and responsibility that lies within Sam, as he learns of their mission to protect the delicate balance of time and space across parallel universes.

With the fate of Earth and its children hanging in the balance, Sam must race against time to stop the mining of crystals that could irreversibly damage the fabric of the universe. Along the way, he
rediscovers the beauty of his home planet, Earth, and the importance of freeing her children and
bringing them back from the moon colony before they become trapped forever.

In this thrilling tale of adventure, trust, and self-discovery, Sam's journey becomes a catalyst for change, as he navigates the complexities of his own past, confronts the shadows of betrayal, and embraces his role as a keyholder in the grand tapestry of the universe. “The Crystal Cavern” weaves together elements of mystery, ancient prophecies, and the power of connection, leaving readers captivated until the final page.

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